Installation of Pastor John Strelan

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9 July, 2024

We are looking forward to welcoming our new Pastor John Strelan, who will be installed at a special service on Sunday 28th July, 2.00pm at Concordia College Chapel. Following this service, please join us for Afternoon Tea, to be held at St John's Ministry Centre, as we welcome Pastor John, his wife Tresma, and family.

Please note: there will be a Combined Worship service at 8.30am that Sunday 28th July at St John's Ministry Centre. (There will be no 10.00am Worship Service that day).

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Lay Readers @ St John's

Just over a month ago, we asked our members to consider serving our community as a Lay Reader. We were delighted and overwhelmed by the response with over 10 members offering to consider becoming a Lay Reader. In preparation, Anna Schubert, Pastor Dale Gosden, Pastor Geoff Burger, Pastor Neil Stiller and Pam Mickan met to discuss how best to provide information, mentoring and support to this group. On Tuesday 15th August, those interested met with the support team, and so we began the process of sharing, providing information and support to the team of potential Lay Readers.

Our first Lay Reading services will be on Sunday 27th August and then again on 3rd September. More will follow, approximately fortnightly.

At this stage due to being unable to secure the pastors for all of our worship services, at times lay read services will occur in successive weeks for both services and then at times we may have a few pastors in succession. Pastor Geoff and Pastor Neil have kindly offered to provide Holy Communion for now, when they are available for lay read services.

We will be formally recognising our lay readers at both services on Sunday 10th September. Please come to encourage and support them.

Anna Schubert has been providing incredible administrative support and working above and beyond to ensure our community is serviced well through worship services. Each week, Anna will, as she already does now, recommend songs in collaboration with the band, put together the Service Orders and PowerPoints, organise and provide information to chaperones, bible readers, organise the prayers, musicians and children’s’ address volunteers plus a lot more. A heartfelt thank you to Anna.


NEW UPDATE: Church Office Hours change

From Tuesday 5 September, the St John's Unley Church Office hours will change. The Office will now be open:

TUESDAY, THURSDAY and FRIDAY 9.00am-5.00pm

The Church Office will be CLOSED on Mondays, Wednesdays.

There is an answering machine available for phone messages, and you can email the Office anytime:


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