The Prayer Course

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7:30 PM @ St John's Ministry Centre

The Prayer Course is an 8 week journey through the Lord's Prayer. These sessions are based on a video, discussion and practical prayer activities. This course meets Wednesday nights from 27 July - 14 Sept. Meet for tea/coffee at 7.15pm, with a 7.30pm start (til 9pm).

A companion resource book by Pete Grieg How to Pray is available from Koorong, but is not essential for completion of this course. Paperback $28.99 or eBook $12.99

The 8 sessions are:

  1. Why Pray?
  2. Adoration
  3. Petition
  4. Intercession
  5. Unanswered Prayer
  6. Contemplation
  7. Listening
  8. Spiritual Warfare

Location Dates

The next date for this event is 17 August, 2022.



Start / End Time



7:30 PM / 9:00 PM

This event recurs for 8 weeks starting on 27 July, 2022.