Overflowing Love

12 March, 2023 Pastor Andrew Brook

Remember the Millenium drought? It was such a disheartening time. The natural environment was struggling, and so were we. It seems that we are living in the middle of a spiritual drought. We wonder what God is up to? Is he still living and active? Today’s encounter between Jesus and the woman at the well gives us hope. Jesus speaks about the living water that he has to give. Jesus knew her, he saw right through her, and he loved her. His love transformed her life, and her story led others to the source of this living water, Jesus himself. This is Jesus’ ongoing promise to us. The water he gives us becomes in us a spring of living water, welling up to eternal life. For us, and all people.


Reborn, Renewed, Refocused

5 March, 2023 Pastor Andrew Brook

The times are always changing, but the change is becoming less predictable and more profound. And we find this difficult to cope with. How do we and the church itself live in this kind of world? Nicodemus may have had these kind of questions when he came to see Jesus. But he gets far more from this conversation than he expected. Jesus talks about God’s new way of dealing with the world. Those who want to follow God must be born again of water and the Spirit. Nicodemus struggled to get on board with what Jesus was saying. He was talking about God’s radical change, transforming people through his Spirit, showing the world how much he loves all people. In the midst of a changing world, we need to refocus our eyes on Jesus, and continue to announce God’s saving love.


Sin: Over-promising and Under-delivering

26 February, 2023 Pastor Andrew Brook

We’ve all heard the saying, “As trustworthy as a politician’s promise.” Satan’s promises to Adam and Eve, and to Jesus in his temptation aren’t worth anything. All that Satan can do is destroy. Only God can create life and bring hope. After his baptism, Jesus faces off with Satan. The stakes are high, but for our sake, Jesus prevails. His hope is in his relationship with his heavenly Father, and his strength is on God’s powerful word. He resists where we cannot, and he shares the gift of his obedience with us: the same relationship he has with his Father, and the strength to follow him.


Transforming Glory

19 February, 2023 Pastor Andrew Brook

Some of us have grown up with the Stars Wars movies. We can map how we’ve grown up and matured by the release date of each movie. In his word, the Bible, God has given us the multifaceted story of his love for the universe he created, the world in which we live, and each one of us individually. The Transfiguration is one important episode. Here God gives us a glimpse into the true identity of his Son, Jesus Christ. But God transforms what glory means: it is the power of love in action. God’s glory is fully and finally revealed in Jesus’ cross and resurrection.


Choosing the way to live

12 February, 2023 Pastor Neil Stiller

'See I have set before you life and prosperity, death and adversity.' God says in Deut 30:15. As God’s people we have a decision to make each and every day. Is it to choose God, to obey him, to follow him? Or is it a somewhat different decision?


Minutes to Midnight, or Countdown to a New Day?

5 February, 2023 Pastor Andrew Brook

The world seems to be getting darker; according to scientists, it’s now 90 seconds to midnight, the end of the world. But Christians believe that light triumphs over darkness, through Jesus and his saving work. Jesus calls his church to be both salt and light; flavouring, preserving, healing and enlightening a world stuck in a dark place. The people of God shine the light of Christ through being merciful, humble, pure in heart, making peace and suffering for Jesus’ name. All of these things point people to the God who rules over all in love, peace and mercy, and who is bringing the new day to birth through Jesus’ death and resurrection.


The Message of the Cross

29 January, 2023 Pastor Andrew Brook

It’s almost impossible for us to imagine how shocking it was for the first Christians to “proclaim Christ and him crucified.” And more than that, to confess that Jesus had risen from the dead. Today people are used to seeing the symbol of the cross on church buildings, without understanding its power and wisdom: power that serves in love, and wisdom that enables us to live a hopeful and purposeful life. The message of the cross is the centre of our faith life and the hope of the world.


Repentance - A Cross Change

22 January, 2023 Pastor Andrew Brook

COVID-19 has brought many changes and raised many questions. Some people have changed their jobs. Others have opted for a sea or a tree change. People are hoping to reassess and rejuvenate their lives. A change of job or location won’t fix the deeper problems of human nature. What we all need is a cross-change. Jesus says to us, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near.” Jesus brings God’s rule into our lives through his death and resurrection. The call to repent is a gracious invitation to let go of our sins and our striving, and receive the hope and future that God’s forgiveness brings.


Seeing, Staying, Listening, Telling

15 January, 2023 Pastor Andrew Brook

We meet God in the ordinary events of our lives. God is remarkable down to earth. Jesus proves God’s grounded love. We see him as he reveals himself to us, invites us to stay with him and get to know who he is as we listen to him. This encounter with Jesus transforms our lives, and we can’t but tell others who Jesus is and what knowing him means.