See the face of God

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17 September, 2023Pastor Geoff Burger

‘God was in Christ reconciling the world to himself’ Paul wrote to the Christians in Rome. Reconciliation is always hard—often the journey is divisive, painful and lengthy. Think Russians and Ukrainians, Israelis and Palestinians. Think Australia. Where do we see the face of God showing us the way? Today we work through three case studies. Isaac and Rebecca had twin sons, Esau and Jacob. Family life was an ongoing struggle—Esau a hairy chested outdoor hunter was dad’s boy. Jacob doted on by his mother. When Esau discovered Jacob had cheated him of what was rightfully his he was furious, ‘After our father dies I will kill Jacob’ he muttered. John Schwerdt shares a family story of reconciliation. And the third case study?


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God's mustard seeds

16 June, 2024 Pam Martin (Lay Reader)

We know stories of how important people and big businesses are able to accomplish big things. But it also happens that small and insignificant people are able to do great things too. Today’s bible message speaks of the Kingdom of God being like a tiny insignificant mustard seed, which will germinate, grow and grow and become a large bush. In this week’s sermon we see how God looks at things differently than we do. Jesus in this parable is inviting us to look at the Kingdom of God with new eyes. The small and insignificant can bring great results. With God all things are possible.


Who are my mother and my brothers?

9 June, 2024 Pastor Geoff Burger

There is a lot of deep feeling when we talk family. Family is belonging, security, acceptance, safety. My family is where I can most fully be me. Family is deep longing for where I belong, I will never be rejected because family will stand by me no matter what. So what is wrong with Jesus? Is he stupid, crazy, demonic? “A crowd was sitting around Jesus, and they told him, “Your mother and brothers are outside looking for you.” “Who are my mother and my brothers?” he asked. Jesus as always was totally honest, ripping away delusions and illusions, confronting us with reality. Families are not totally good news all the time. The greatest pains and tragedies of life happen in families. Jesus strips away our blinkers and gives us the reality we were created for, and which we belong for. Looks in the eye and says, “Here are my mother and my brothers! Whoever does God’s will is my brother and sister and mother.”


God calls ordinary people

2 June, 2024 Pastor Rob Schubert

The story of God calling Samuel in the Temple leaves us with something to think about in terms of God’s call on our lives. God may call you when you least expect it. God is a God of surprises. God may have to call you more than once to get your attention. He called Samuel three times. God calls you by name. There is no formula. God doesn’t call everyone in the same way. Nobody is too small or insignificant or unimportant to be used by God for significant work. Judging from some of the people God used in the Bible to do some big stuff, it’s like he seems to enjoy using ordinary people to do extraordinary things. Think of the “treasures in jars of clay” that we hear about in today’s Epistle reading. The clay pots are us – ordinary, everyday, fragile people. The treasure is the grace of God. God calls ordinary people to carry his extraordinary treasure into the world.

“Speak Lord, your servant is listening.”