14 June, 2020 @ 11:30 AM

First Communion 2020

Each year St John’s provides an opportunity for young people in approximately years 3 to 4 or older to prepare to receive their First Communion. Holy Communion is a special gift that Jesus gave to his church. It is a vital part of our church life. It gives us great comfort and strength. It unites us as one big church family. It celebrates all that Jesus has done for us.

Due to the current pandemic we are unable to gather as community to share in this meal. In anticipation for the day when we will again be able to physically meet together and commune together we are continuing with our first communion preparation plans as part of St John’s 2020 Milestones Ministries.

As you will expect, preparation for First Communion in 2020 will be a little different from previous years. This year we will be using a new First Communion preparation resource recently published by Grow Ministries. This new resource honours parents. Parents have an important role in the faith life of your child. Your child relies on you to teach them the most important things in life.

This new First Communion preparation resource has been designed in such a way that the majority of learning will take place through activities and conversation between parent and child in your home.

The program will begin on Sunday 14th June at 11.30am with Special Group Introductory Session probably via ZOOM (assuming the current restrictions are still in place) facilitated by Pastor Nigel. On Sunday 9th August at 11.30am a Concluding group session – will be facilitated by Pastor Nigel together with all participating families. On Sunday 23rd August (if the current restrictions have lifted), participants and their families will take part in their First Communion together with our congregation.

For more information, and to register by May 31 for First Communion 2020, go to: www.trybooking.com/BJKHM


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